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Meet the Owner 

Tiffany who is a NBHWC Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Hello Beautiful Soul!

My name is Tiffany and I help women make their health goals a priority so that they can shine in all their many roles in their life! If you are struggling with making your health and wellness a priority so that you can show up as your best self in your day-to-day life, I would love to connect and see if support and accountability from coaching could help you in this journey!

The short story of my own health and wellness journey:

I am now fully in love with my mind, body, and soul!

My journey to this place of unconditional love for myself was long & hard & looking back I now say, beautiful. Like a lotus that grows out of the muddy waters!

For most of my life I had treated my body like it was my enemy. I was Bulimic at age 16-18, I starved myself from 18-27, I beat my body up once I got into working out as if to move it should be a punishment to it. I have tried every way of eating and forced it on my body whether it thrived eating that way or not. My only idea of health was being skinny and if I gained weight well punishment needed to be had!


I know there are many woman out their that can relate to everything I just said.


As I started out opening my mind, very slowly, to the possibility that there is so much more to health then just “being skinny”, I would try different foods and portion control, new healthier habits, but I would always seem to fall back on my old way of thinking and behaving. This was mostly due to not prioritizing myself and my goals. I am a mother and a wife and those roles always took priority and that meant I sat in a corner watching my life pass by yearning for my attention and yearning for my goals to matter.

Tragedy struck my family with a death that changed us all. When I made it through the “numbed out” part of the grief I knew I NEEDED to do something NOW! This life on this planet in this body could be gone tomorrow so NOW, was the only option!


At age 35 I started in a diploma program to become a Holistic Wellness and Nutrition Practitioner specializing in Mindfulness. The first half of this 18-month diploma program was a lot of nutrition and my mind was blown wide open. I had to make all raw meals, I had to create a meal with complete nutritional value that we need. I was reading amazing books that started cracking through my old beliefs and mindset. My other classes were coaching classes which was focused on mindset and behavior that led to dis-ease in our bodies and unhappiness in our minds and souls.  I became more mindful of my entire being and how I felt with certain activities and foods.


This has changed my life and brought me to a place where I can now say “I am now fully in love with my mind, body, and soul!”

As a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach I take you through a journey of reintroduction to yourself, your whole being. I give you tools to reframe your mindset that it is you and your will power against your body! As you start becoming friends with your body (or as I like to call it meat suit) and loving it and appreciating it for all it does for you and allows you to do on this earth, everything else flows and you will create the healthy lifestyle you want with more ease and flow than ever before!

If any of this spoke to your heart and you believe that you could thrive and benefit from a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach on your side than please reach out!

I offer a free discovery call where we can dive into your dreams and wellness picture along with your struggles or road blocks, to see if coaching would be the key to achieving Simple Serenity in your mind body and soul!

Tiffany Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Tiffany Bourboulis

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Practitioner

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