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What it means to make a decision:

Updated: May 3, 2022

I know you can feel me on this and will immediately think of a time (or several) in your life that you have done the same.

One of the greatest things about this human experience is that we are in full control of what our world looks like and can change it at any time, free will is a beautiful thing!

Dogs and Cats (any other animal, besides humans, for the fact) can’t…. think about it…they can’t even choose what they want to eat or not. They can’t truly change what their daily lives look like, or where they live. I do not believe that this concerns them at all, they speak in love and love alone and they trust us to handle their needs and the few wants they have.

As a human though, we make decisions all day that we can also redecide as well at any point. Don’t like your job? Get a new one. Don’t like your physical environment? Move. Even on a bigger scale, don’t like what you look like? Make an appointment to get a surgery! On and on. We make these decisions, big and small, all day long!

Today it is on my heart to talk about Making decisions and then just as fast changing your mind.

This month this concept has flooded my awareness it is all around and within me. It has shown itself in 3 books that I am reading and listening to, a movie I was watching with my family, clients that I am coaching, friends and family, all around me! So, as it came up on the daily, I started to ask why what I need to learn from this. The answer came like a ton of bricks straight into my heart center!

You must master making a decision and sticking to it as if there were no other choices to make!

I have started practicing this without even understanding it fully with my decision to change my entire diet and lifestyle to a holistic plant-based diet. There is no other choice, although there are choices all around me throughout my day that are non-plant-based, I could change my mind at any point, that is not an option in this area of my life.

Here is a story to explain what I mean:

This last weekend we had people over and I cooked beef dogs and hamburgers for the family, I made myself an impossible burger. I chose to have a beer later in the day, which turned to be three beers and a shot within a couple hours. Due to not really drinking any more, because I DECIDED I did not want to, I was not in my right mind (I was drunk and quickly at that) and I went inside as I had the “drunk munchies” I grabbed something off the counter and ate it, as I ate my last bit (as if my body sensed it and snapped me out of my drunkenness for a moment) I realized I just ate a half of a beef dog. I immediately started crying and was physically ill. I went to my husband and told him what just happened, and he said, “um ok, so you had a hot dog”. To me it was so much bigger than eating animal.

To say the least within a matter of minutes I was sober, drinking water and practicing forgiveness for myself. A few things happened in these few hours: I made the Decision I was not drinking more than one beer and changed my mind more than 1 time, 3 times to be exact. I could blame this on so many things or others, but I am ultimately the one who drank and there is no blame, just a lesson. I also chose to make that beef dog and eat it after making the Decision not to eat animal products over 2 months ago. I also chose that night to smoke cigarettes (a lot of them) even though I had made the DECISION not to.

I am sure by now you are relating this story to something in your life, otherwise you are not human and that is way cool if there are other animals or beings reading my blog! LOL

In one of the books I am listening to the author breaks the word decision into its Latin Roots which blew my mind wide open!

“Decision” Latin roots: “The meaning of the word “decide” comes from the Latin word, decidere, which is a combination of two words: de = 'OFF' + caedere = 'CUT'”

Which means you have cut off all other options! You have decided!

Although I do not believe I used her exact words here, it is an audible so I do not have in front of me to compare. I still want to mention the book as it is one I would suggest to any one 😊 You are a badass at making money by Jen Sincero.

Man, that puts a whole different perspective on making a decision!

For me this simplifies things like a breath of fresh air. I don’t need to battle through rejecting things that are not in line with my decisions, there are no other options that I am having to say no to all day long.

How to put into practice:

First and foremost, do not decide lifestyle changes lightly. Take time, meditate, research, and ask your higher power for signs on the path that is right for you. Once you are ready to decide, write it, speak it, and remind yourself every day!

I wrote down three major decisions I made on my white board so when I leave my Zen space to start my day I am reminded, and I say a prayer for assistance to align my day with these decisions I have made!

Throughout the day it becomes more about boundaries you set around these decisions. You must first know your boundaries and then make sure you stand your ground to others on behalf of these boundaries.

What this looks like in action:

I have decided that I do not want to drink alcohol. My boundary is I will not put alcohol into my body because I do not like how I feel, act and behave during or after drinking. I am told I must drink with someone that everyone is having fun and I need to lighten up. I will stand post for my boundary and say something like: “I have decided not to drink. I am having fun without drinking. Thank you for the offer but I will not be drinking alcohol tonight.”

Or, it could be fully internally that you are struggling with staying the course of your decision. Maybe fear of failure is coming up or it is causing you to feel uncomfortable physically. IE. I have decided to quit smoking, but on day 3 the physical and mental drain is too much so Ill just bum one and then get back my decision. This, right here, is why I will have the mantra on hand:

“You have cut off all other options! You have decided!”

To wrap this up I want to say once again free will is amazing and to change course and our minds is a great blessing. I am not talking about changing your mind about what is for dinner or what you want to do with your weekend, because rigidness through out your daily life is not how life is supposed to be either. I am talking about these decisions that you know will bring you closer to your higher and true self. These decisions that will get you closer to your big dreams and goals. These decisions that you took time to plan out and weigh the outcomes of.



Thank you for taking some of your precious time to read this blog post!

Sending blessing and lots of love to you!


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